1. Mobile phones to be switched off
  2. No smoking in clubhouse
  3. Neat dress standards apply (no rubber thongs)
  4. No material to be posted in clubhouse without committee permission
  5. Air conditioning settings are not to be altered without Director’s approval
  6. Members must advise the Secretary of any change of address or phone number
  7. Visitors permitted to pay visitors’ fees for up to 3 months without joining
  8. Visitors may not win Pairs or Teams Championships
  9. Visitors or non-financial members are not eligible to win overall or Nett prizes in multi-session club events
  10. Members partnering a visitor are not eligible to win Nett prizes
  11. With 3½ Tables or more, 1st and 2nd Nett prizes will be awarded. For less than 3½ Tables, 1st Nett only will be awarded a prize
  12. Members who fail to nominate for listed club events may play at Director’s discretion, but are not eligible to win the event
  13. Players who fail to play all boards due to sickness or other valid unexpected absence are not disqualified from competitions. Where a sub is not available, unplayed boards to be scored as an average minus
  14. Players should be conversant with start and finish times of all sessions, and are expected to play all boards. (Emergencies excepted)
  15. Annual subscriptions due 31 August. MUST be paid by September 30